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WWE Elimination Chamber 2021: Full Recap & Some More Details That You Might Have Missed Out

Well, it would not be wrong to say that this year, WWE Elimination Chamber ended with a shocker. The Miz took a step to cash in his Money of Bank Contract to get victory in the WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 from Drew McIntyre. Let us tell that you that this unexpected action on the Road to Wrestlemania has certainly created a huge stir. Apart from this, there is a shocking controversy amongst people. After almost a decade, Miz has finally won the championship.

Daniel Bryan and Cesaro kicked-off the SmackDown Elimination Chamber match
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Daniel Bryan began the match with an unimaginable and amazing elimination chamber match victory. It certainly was a climax for the viewers, which earned a lot of money per view. The next capping scene was when the Universal champion, Roman Reigns, defeated Bryan immediately in the next bout. Talking about the Women’s Tag team championship, Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks did not capture many eyes this time. Rather, it was Riddle who won the U.S. title by pining down John Morrison. We can say that some very uncalled and shocking things happened in the WWE Elimination Chamber championship. That being said, it is possible that some must have caught your glance. On the flip side, few others might have got skipped by you, just like the Elimination Chamber 2019 matches.

Remember that you need to keep reading this article till the end, and there are so many things that you knew and some you missed out on. First of all, let us begin with a small recap of the WWE Elimination Chamber 2021. 

Full Recap

Michael MiZanin Becomes the WWE Champion

Bobby Lashley destroyed Drew McIntyre by throwing him outside the ring and then putting in Hurt Lock. Miz cashed in the Money in Bank Contract and won the match following the Skull Crushing Finale. Yes, that happened in the Elimination Chamber 2021.

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler Retain Their Titles

Jax and Baszler were able to retain their titles after their bouts with Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair. After this, we can say that Jax was certainly not fun to watch, but Shayn certainly rules and is still the highlight of the match.

Drew McIntyre Retains WWE Championship

Drew McIntyre managed to retain his WWE championship by getting the victory in the Elimination Chamber match. The match built up to a showdown between McIntyre and Sheamus, with Sheamus being the ultimate entrant within the match. McIntyre defeated Jeff Hardy using the Claymore Kick, while Sheamus defeated Kofi with a Brogue Kick. Finally, it appeared like the two would battle to shut the bout. However, AJ Styles pinned down Sheamus, and hence it was McIntyre, AJ, and Sheamus who ended the bout.

Riddle Wins U.S. Championship

On this United States Triple Threat match, John Morrison came in place of Kieth Lee. This match additionally also had Riddle and champion Bobby Lashley, in it. Riddle did gain a win by pinning down Morrison. Riddle used the BroDerrick tombstone slam of Morrison to pin down for the win.

Daniel Bryan wins SmackDown Elimination Chamber

The main show of this Elimination Chamber 2021 has to be the match of SmackDown Elimination Chamber. This match included Kevin Owens, Jey Uso, Cesaro, Corbin, and the winner Daniel Bryan. SmackDown match began with Bryan and Cesaro, and exactly after 50 minutes, Daniel eliminated Jey Uso to win the bout.

Kickoff Show results

Talking of Kickoff results, these have always been unexpected and shocking for the viewers. Like the WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 results for the Kickoff match, this year’s results were also surprising. John Morrison defeats Elias, Ali, and Ricochet to win the triple threat match U.S. championship spot. Morisson got a victory in the Kickoff match by Ali.

Things That You Missed Out

During the Elimination Chamber, there were many scenes that you guys must have missed. We all know that path to Wrestlemania is certainly a ride of bumps for the superstars. Now let us take you through some of the things which you must have missed out on.

WWE Protects Bobby Lashley

Heading to the Elimination Chamber, Bobby Lashley will fight the U.S. Championship against Lee and Riddle. When it was discovered that Lee could not get into the ring for this thing, it would’ve been easy to only have Lawler and Riddle go one on one. WWE appeared to be stuck on the notion of a Triple Threat. However, WWE made the point of making a pre-show contest with a third contestant to win his way in. It also lets Bobby Lashley appear as a beast and move on to the main event.

All Matches Include Past Winners

Elimination Chamber events occur barely that there is a comparatively small and outstanding crew of past champions. More or less the same, every game of this year’s Elimination Chamber had at minimum one player who had participated and won in the Chamber last year.

New Tradition of No Women’s Chamber

From across Women’s Uprising in recent times, WWE has seen several women competing in numerous first-ever tournaments, including getting their own first Royal Rumble, Hell in a Cell Match, WrestleMania Main Event, Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and much more. Alexa Bliss won the first female elimination chamber in 2018. Furthermore, 2021 saw a shift in consistency since there were no females inside the Chamber. To be honest, the Chamber isn’t on the same degree of popularity or historical influence as most of WWE’s other main stunt contests. However, it was still a surprising decision not to book talented women in this setting this year.

Jeff Hardy Becomes ‘The Odd Man Out’

Hardy was undoubtedly the odd man out of all in the elimination chamber. Jeff began in WWE earlier than others in the elimination chamber match and had WrestleMania times; he would be the only one participating in the game that have never had a World Championship game at The Showcase of the Immortals.

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