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Abbott vows not to comply with DOJ over floating border wall

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott doubled down Monday in a letter to the Biden administration that Texas won’t comply with the Department of Justice’s plans to sue the state for deploying a floating barricade at the southern border.

“To end the risk that migrants will be harmed crossing the border illegally, you must fully enforce the laws of the United States that prohibit illegal immigration between ports of entry,” Abbott said in the letter. “In the meantime, Texas will fully utilize its constitutional authority to deal with the crisis you have caused. Texas will see you in court, Mr. President.”

The DOJ sent a letter to Abbott on Thursday disclosing its plans to sue Texas for deploying a floating barricade at the southern border, giving until Monday for Texas to comply and take down the barricade. Earlier this month, Texas set up miles of barriers using barbed wire and buoys in the river near Eagle Pass.

In their letter, the DOJ cited the “unlawful construction of a floating barrier in the Rio Grande River” and asserted that the barrier might impede the federal government’s “official duties.”

Abbott argued against claims that Texas’ marine barriers violate Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act.

“If you truly care about human life, you must begin enforcing federal immigration laws,” Abbott said in the letter. “By doing so, you can help me stop migrants from wagering their lives in the waters of the Rio Grande River.”

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