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Fabio Barros is well-known in Brazil for his use of facial ultrasonography in his procedures

Do you know about guided facial harmonization? Read this article until the very end to get a better understanding of the safety of procedures carried out with the help of facial ultrasonography.

Harmonization procedures correspond to a set of techniques, including fillings, used to achieve a better symmetry and balance in the volume, format, and angle of different facial features, with the goal of rejuvenating the patient’s face.

Facial harmonization as an odontological field gained supporters throughout Brazil. Concerned about the health and well-being of their patients, some facial and dental surgeons adopted a procedure called “Guided Orofacial Harmonization,” which uses ultrasound technology and equipment to aid in implementing fillings and other related procedures. A specialist in this field, Dr. Fabio Barros is one of few professionals that started practicing this method in the city and state of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. With the help of ultrasonography and ultrasound technology, the facial harmonization procedures become more safe and precise. “When we as (facial harmonization) professionals that work with injectables know exactly where the product is being inserted, we are at peace. Because of ultrasound equipment, I can work with more confidence and precision. I use ultrasound equipment for almost all the procedures I perform in my office.” stressed Dr. Fabio Barros, who now teaches in-person facial harmonization classes in addition to attending to his patients.

In 2020, Dr. Fabio Barros was recognized as one of the top 5 surgeons specializing in Orofacial Harmonization in all of Brazil, and was honored at the Motiva Rio Festival. Because of his amazing reputation and recognition, Dr. Barros receives patients from overseas and has also received appointment requests from patients who live outside the state of Rio de Janeiro. Every month, he travels to the Brazilian capital of São Paulo and to Vitória, the capital of Espírito Santo to receive patients when requested. Dr. Barros does his best to make his services accessible to various regions and cities across Brazil as well.

Fabio Barros is well-known in Brazil for his use of facial ultrasonography in his procedures
Doctor Fabio Barros

With the support of Doppler ultrasonography, procedures that involve fillings become more accurate and efficient because the ultrasound technology verifies location of blood vessels, direction, and speed of flow with great precision, hence making procedures safer and reducing risk of complications. Dr. Fabio Barros highlighted the importance of Doppler technology when he spoke about the benefits and advantages of ultrasonography in procedures. According to Barros, the risks of surgical complications with ultrasound technology are considerably reduced and almost minimal because guided ultrasonography makes it possible for professionals to deeply analyze facial features, regions of risk, and anatomical differences. In this way, surgeons can insert injections or other facial harmonization materials into the patient’s face with greater precision. The analyses of ultrasounds allow doctors to observe all the different skin structures, muscles and blood vessels, enabling them to diagnose and avoid surgical complications.

According to Dr. Fabio Barros, the demand for facial harmonization procedures is increasing daily. Dr. Barros also highlights the importance of having trained and qualified professionals when it comes to performing different surgical procedures. “Odontology has developed a lot in recent years. Facial and dental surgeons know facial structures in detail, which makes it possible for them to perform higher-quality and more refined procedures,” he states. “Apart from looking for someone with more experience, it’s very important that patients look for a qualified surgeon when searching for a professional for their treatments. It’s not enough that professionals only know how to perform the procedure, but rather that they also adeptly handle surgical complications when necessary.” 

With the goal of helping reduce complications arising from facial harmonization procedures in general, Dr. Fabio Barros and Dr. Carolina Peron worked together and created a course about the use of ultrasonography in orofacial harmonization that brings together theory and practice. The purpose of the course is to provide professionals with practical knowledge about the topic so that they can use Doppler to examine all the facial structures and regions of risk for surgical complications. The first course that Dr. Barros and Dr. Peron released was very successful and widely requested by various professionals, and because of high demand, the doctors soon hope to release an online course called “Safe Harmonization – Solving Complications with Ultrasonography.”

Who is Dr. Fabio Barros?

Dr. Fabio Ricardo Barros is a specialist in orofacial harmonization. Dr. Barros studied Facial aesthetics in Miami and received his certification in facial suspensions in South Korea. Dr. Barros’ emphasis on naturalness and smoothness in facial harmonization procedures makes him stand out from other professionals in his field. “A smooth procedure is very important in facial harmonization,” Dr. Barros states, “When people look at themselves in the mirror, they should be able to see their natural beauty and not their procedure.”

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