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Explore Everything About Peekaboo Hair Color or Peekaboo Highlights

Do you have a plain hairstyle and now want to get a completely new look? Are you looking for a hairstyle that will make you feel electrifying? Or you just want to breathe a new life into your hair? If yes, then peekaboo highlights are an ideal option for you. As per the experts, with the peekaboo hair color, you can bring some sass that will shimmer with your move. No matter what is your style preference, this something that will surely impress you.

This amazing colorful hair color style combines the best things of both worlds. In fact, with this, you can attain a rocking bold look along with some stylish hair colors. Well, want to know more about this? Then, keep reading this to explore more about it and how to get the style.

What do you mean by peekaboo hair color?

You might be wondering about what exactly is peekaboo hair color or hairstyle? To understand this, you need to think about your childhood game. The hair color consists of a game of hiding and then reveal. In simple words, here, you need to keep the top layer of the hair in a natural hue along with some colorful hair underneath.

Here, your hair arranges strategically in such a way that it will dramatically jump out with fun. Well, your peekaboo hair remains hidden, and you need to need to style your hair in a perfect way to make them come out when you move or when there is an unexpected breeze.

Besides, when you keep the hair down, you will not see your peekaboo hair. However, by wearing your hair yup, well, you can show them off with style and fun. The fun and colorful twist will create an instant impression. The best part is that peekaboo highlights are completely customizable. So, go for it and rock a stylish and bold hair color. Then, you can go for it without worrying about your office look.

The view of peekaboo highlights from behind the chair

In general, peekaboo highlights are a random hairstyle, and there is no specific pattern for this. But the purpose is to create a better dimension along with wonderful contrast.

Bleach a few small sections and highlight your hair. You can wrap the bleach solution to prevent it from affecting other areas. For this, you can also silver foil commonly available in the kitchen.

You can go for the Fendi peekaboo and other styles for a chunky and bold look. Besides, the highlights can be subdued or muted using a thinner layer.

What about the colors? Well, you can go for any hair color you want, considering your style statements. However, for dark hair, you can go for a light natural color. Looking for something new? How about the neon pastel color for your blonde hair? You will look stunningly beautiful. What’s more? For a funky look, you can go for the rainbow style by combining red, blue, teal, or purple colors together.

In peekaboo hair, the placement will really matter. That means the combination of colored hair with the rest. So even though you can do it at home, it is still advisable to take professional help.

In general, some hairstylists suggest creating the splash of color around an inch or below, where the hair partis is at its minimum or maximum effect.

When it comes to attaining peekaboo hair, the possibilities are endless. All you need to choose the right color, and you are ready to rock.

How to attain the perfect peekaboo highlights?

First, you need to choose the perfect colors as well as the pattern for your peekaboo highlights. While choosing the color, you need to consider your eye color, skin tone, and natural hair color. Always seek your hairstylist’s advice here.

Before starting, tell the stylist about the hair partition style so that he/she can find a perfect sport to apply the color.

In this hair highlighting process, the stylist will color the hair section by section without affecting the top section that will hide the highlights. They will use foils to prevent the highlights from spreading.

Exploring some benefits of peekaboo highlights

When it comes to enjoying a stylish hair look, you can always go for peekaboo highlights that are in trend now. This is the easiest way to effectively transform your overall look and keep yourself in style. Well, while some people do this to attain a new look, but some go for this to boost up their self-expression. Even though this something unique, the highlights can offer you some amazing benefits. Let’s discuss about this.

You will get a natural as well as stylish look

Some people come with a great base hair color, and for them enhancing the look will work great. Remember that’s some people’s hair doesn’t comprise one shade. In fact, there are different variations. Well, this highlight can accentuate the unique nuances in tone as well as create a perfect depth. You will get a stylish three-dimensional effect. There is nothing wrong with going for a single shade. But sometimes, it can appear flat and harsh. However, with Fendi peekaboo’s style, you can show off your real style. Try it not now.

A perfect option for dye virgins

Do you want to move with the hair coloring trend but don’t love full color? Well, don’t worry about this at all. This type of highlight is a great stepping stone. In fact, you can keep the highlights hidden when you don’t want to flaunt the colors.

It adds depth

The one-dimensional color would make your hair look dense and dull. However, by adding different colors, you can create the illusion of texture, depth, and volume. Want to enhance the look? You can go for a combination of darker and lighter colors.

It enhances your skin tone

Hair colors can enhance your skin tone, but with peekaboo highlights, you can light up your overall complexion. With the right peekaboo color combination, you can attain a warm and trending summery glow. As per the experts, this can enhance your facial and eye features. Try this out now and witness a visible difference in your color.

Lower maintenance requirements

You all know that roots are pesky things. Now, just imagine about the upkeep efforts that you need to put in if you choose an all-over color. By highlighting your hair with peekaboo style, you can hide the natural irregularities of unsightly roots. There is no need to visit a hair parlor to shape your hair. If you are a person who prefers to skip some salon appointments, then hair highlight is an ideal option. Why? Highlights require less maintenance in the long run.

Fewer exposure to chemicals

For people with sensitive skin or if you think the chemical products are not good for your hair, Fendi peekaboo hair color an ideal option. With this, you can enjoy a vibrant-looking tress, and there is nothing to worry about the overexposure to different chemicals. Instead, you can go for the natural color option to keep your hair healthy. What’s more? Here you highlight a few portions of your hair. So, the risk is low.

It is cost-effective and time-saving

Well, coloring your entire hair to show off your style will take time and requires more money. But with hair highlights, you can only highlight the portion you want, and you will not compromise with the style. In addition, as it requires fewer touch-up, you will spend less money as well as time in the salons in the long run.

A perfect way to boost up your summer glow

When summer comes, every woman loves to prepare for the sunshine by brightening and lightening up those locks with beautiful highlights to attain a sun-kissed appearance. So, go for it and boost up the healthy and natural glow.

Peekaboo highlights- How to maintain them?

  1. Always use a shampoo and conditioner that is color-safe to prevent the color from fading away. Besides, such products can nourish your hair.
  2. You can also use a hydrating conditioner to take good care of your highlights and hair’s requirements.
  3. Coloring the hair can cause damage and dry out your hair. As a result, you may face hair breakage and loss. For this, you can apply a natural or good quality moisturizing hair mask to offer the tresses protein as well as hydration. As a result, you will witness healthy hair.
  4. As per the experts, you should oil your hair two times in a week. You can massage warm oil into the scalp as well as hair. This will not just prevent hair damage but also will add shines.
  5. After highlighting your hair, you should not tie your hair into braids or ponytails for around two to three weeks. This can lead to hair breakage. Always brush the hair gently and go for the regular touch-up to keep your hair look smooth and shiny.

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