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Taylor Swift’s “Evermore” and The Things Which Made Her This Popular!


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So, now Taylor Swift has dropped another bomb this December with her album “Evermore”. “willow”, “champagne problems” and “gold rush” along with 12 other superhits she called the album sister of “Folklore” which came in back in 2019. As suggested, the album seemed totally different from what was being represented in Folklore and showed two different perspectives.

Evermore songs –

  1. “willow“
  2. “champagne problems“
  3. “gold rush“
  4. “tis the damn season“
  5. “tolerate it“
  6. “no body, no crime” ft. HAIM
  7. “happiness“
  8. “dorothea“
  9. “coney island” ft. The National
  10. “ivy“
  11. “cowboy like me“
  12. “long story short“
  13. “marjorie“
  14. “closure“
  15. “evermore” ft. Bon Iver

Not just a superstar, Taylor Swift went full-on Pop with her albums and the way she represented her songs and the result of that – “Everybody knows Taylor Swift”. Today, we’re gonna talk about a few things, which made her the Taylor Swift we all know.

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Taylor Alison Swift (born on December 13th, 1989), An American singer-songwriter. There is raw emotion behind each of her songs. Her songs come out when she feels compelled to write because of what she is feeling at that time. Accordingly, as she said at the concert that I’ve been writing about my feelings and what I tackle daily since I was 12.


  • Tim McGraw is her first single and early hit.
  • Love-Story and You belong with me were from first studio album Fearless
  • She became the youngest woman to win album of the year award at Grammy, which is got for “Fearless”
  • Later she dropped albums like “Speak Now” and the very successful “Red”.
  • She also has a documentary where she explained all that happened.
  • Then after reputation, she dropped “LOVER”.
  • Then during this Quarantine period, she first dropped “FOLKLORE” and then “EVERMORE”.
  • She wrote all the speak now album by herself with no co-writers at the age of 19.

She uses criticism as ammunition for songs, she’s been called a snake, so she had massive snakes on stage towering over her during her concert. Media gives Blank space because it’s the brilliant satire of the way to treat her, the reason behind this is the way people treat her fuels her emotions, which then fuels her songs. One reason people are interested in her life and how that ties into her songs is that she is very relatable. She writes about relationships, confidence, life lessons, friendship, and the places she likes. She writes about her friends’ struggles too which broadens the range of experiences her songs can describe. Of course, she does write about some topics that most may not have experienced personally but may be curious about. She writes about vengeance.

Some controversies she is tackling with:

Taylor Swift has a hard-to-maintain public image. The media is filled with news of insane publicity stunts pulled by people like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift doesn’t get as much publicity because she’s “not as interesting” to reporters who get paid to dig up dirt on famous people.

Taylor Swift has also been in a fair number of relationships over the past few years. Some people think that makes her “easy” and promiscuous. Even though there has never been a leak of anything sexual from Taylor, people assume thanks to today’s culture and the actions of other celebrities that all these relationships mean she is having sex with tons of guys and doing all kinds of immoral things, which at this point cannot be confirmed or denied.

Her songs always have at least some root in her life experiences. Not every single song is this way, but she always pours her heart and soul into her lyrics and that is why she is so popular with girls around her general age group who can relate on the basic levels with relationship experiences. Some people think it is bad that she sings about her personal life and her relationship experiences, and jokes are always circulating about how people “shouldn’t date Taylor because they’ll just end up in a song” which is somewhat true, but it always reflects their actions and either tells a positive or a negative story.

She has BFFs, but they are only pretty models or singers who are becoming popular nowadays. Taylor uses other popular celebrities to get more attention for herself. She acts like a feminist, but her actions are the opposite of feminists. If popular celebrities go down, Taylor cut them from her BFF list because they are not useful as a position of unpopularity. She called famous good-looking women her BFF, but BFF is not about a person who she met recently.

She dates guys who are the most popular and are spotlighted as handsome. This is also her sneaky method to get attention from the public like her BFF tricks. She cannot survive with serious relationships for a long time. She breaks up and writes songs about her exes negatively. In a relationship, it is no fault of one side. Taylor acts like the victim only.

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